A stirring tale of survival against the odds inspired by Shakespeare’s fantastical story of shipwreck, love, loss and redemption.

"A great reworking of a wonderful story. By pulling apart the narrative we all feel pulled apart with it, but then by the end we are back together again! Phew."

Having been abandoned by her father a few hours after her birth, Marina, now a young woman, tries to piece together what happened. Her father, Pericles, was forced to flee his country having provoked the anger of a ruler more powerful than himself. He won her mother’s heart in a joust. Her mother died on board ship giving birth to her. And her father, Pericles, is a broken man. An extraordinary series of coincidences sends them scurrying round the Mediterranean and brings them back together.

“A lovely bit of storytelling. Who would have thought a 400-year-old story could be so relevant to today.”

A pair of story-tellers play a multitude of characters, evoking – in this ancient tale – a world in which a young girl is sold to a brothel; in which conflict and famine are devastating parts of Syria, Lebanon and Turkey; in which a fisherwoman finds bodies tangled in her nets; and in which the kindness of strangers saves those in peril on the Mediterranean Sea.

"Wonderful, full of wit and charm but also with the pathos and power so important in conveying the moral undercurrent that runs through the story. We were completely enthralled - thank you so much for a really brilliant evening."

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