Last Dance Saloon

Two people no longer in the first flush of youth, find each other at a tango retreat in Buenos Aires. A spark is lit and their passion smolders – this was meant to be. But one has work and family ties in South America; the other in North Devon. They settle into the frustrations of a long-distance relationship fuelled by regular tango sessions in Argentina, that include unexpected flights of the imagination. And then one of them weighs the ecological consequences.

A multi story mix of stories ancient and modern, music, song and tango.

"A tour de force that provokes, entertains and dazzles."

"Sensitive, funny, moving, poignantly relevant and viscerally relatable."

"I just loved it! It felt like you expressed lots of different threads about what it is to be alive and human at this time of my life, in this age. And you wove those threads into something that for me, expressed a beautiful freedom of the dance of the heart. Thank you both for creating something that could do that... it's very special."

technical details:
  • get-in two hours
  • performance 75 minutes - no interval
  • get-out 45 minutes
  • performance area preferably in the round with ideally a performance area six metres in diameter
  • lighting in theatres a warm cover. In community venues we need access to a 13 amp socket for the lighting rig and sound system that we carry
  • sound self-operated from on stage
  • ancillary work we're more than happy to lead post-show discussions and we offer a menu of complementary workshops

YouTube trailer

tango with Gill featured tango with Bill featured singing accompanied by guitar Puma carries Inti on his back

production shots by Paul Treweeke