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Pericles All At Sea - Bill and Gill with balloons

"multi story have worked in primaries since 2000. They know the day-to-day pressures and plan their work appropriately. We recommend this company unreservedly." Cheshire LEA

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traditional tales  from Norway, Russia, France and Germany.

The Firebird is a great introduction to multi story's bravura style, full of adventure with a large cast of colourful characters played by just two actors with the whisk of a cloak or the donning of a hat. It also features music and song.   Some schools particularly go for our judicious use of simple technology, whether that be shadow puppets or computer animation or - as in Little Brother and Little Sister - a fusion of both.   In general we hope to introduce traditonal stories that are not so well known - like Twelve Wild Ducks or East o'the Sun, West o'the Moon - but we do have our version of Beauty & the Beast which children might like to compare and contrast with the familiar Disney treatment.

"Best visiting production we've ever seen - it really captured their imaginations." Witherley Primary School

Greek and Norse myths

The inter-active nature of Jason & the Golden Fleece has proved very popular and hugely enjoyable.   Jason continues to tour and we're also introducing our inter-active take on the myths of the Vikings this autumn:   Viking Tales - a hugely enjoyable introduction to the Norse gods and goddesses and their adventures.

"A superb production enjoyed by everyone - children and staff alike.  I have highly recommended you to other schools." North Petherton Primary School

a comprehensive workshop programme  plus bespoke learning events and longer-term projects.

"I was amazed at how well it succeeded.  Gill's encouragement and leadership were hugely important in giving us confidence but I also thought that Bill was vital in providing a male role model - so many boys think that "drama's for girls". Foxton Primary School