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Pericles All At Sea - Bill and Gill with balloons

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plays for adult and student audiences

Pericles - All at Sea - a stirring story of survival against the odds inspired by Shakespeare’s fantastical tale of shipwreck, love, loss and redemption.

Digging the Dirt - as one couple try to dig themselves a brighter future, another face the costs of whistle-blowing. When do you speak out? And who listens if you do?

Medea - a powerful, pared-down version of Euripides' classic. Medea and Jason are compelled to replay events that led to the death of their children.

Cassandra - reworks the myth of the King of Troy's daughter, whose gift was the ability to see the future and whose curse was not to be believed.

Beast! - an exhaustingly physical dramatic collage. The hunt for The Beast of Exmoor by Royal Marines is the starting point for a hunt through stories and myths across time for the beast within.

Almost Heaven - a drama that crackles with wit and wisdom. An estranged couple try to mend their broken past through sharing stories. But time is running out.

The House Jack Built - a maelstrom of emotion and shrewd social comment. As the house crumbles, Rob disappears into his video games and Kate is left to find their missing daughter.

plays for young audiences and families