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The Wind of the North and the Girl
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Troll King and Daughter
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the girl and the bear
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East o'the Sun, West o'the Moon

The Norwegian fairy tale given a multi story makeover for ages 5-95

A white bear comes knocking at the cottage door.  The young girl agrees to join him in his ice palace.  She is given all the riches that she could ask for but wonders why the white bear won't let her see him at night -  and won't let her light any candles.  When she does, she finds that the bear is in fact a handsome Prince.  But she has broken a spell and the Prince is whisked away to the Troll Castle, which lies East o'the Sun and West o'the Moon.  The girl sets out to win him back...

The actors animate a whole host of characters - including humans, animals, trolls and winds - using their physical and musical skills along with masks and puppets.

"An hour of sheer magic for adults and children alike."  Edmonton Journal


photos by Morgan Lowndes

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