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A classic tale of endurance sensitively told

Be very careful what you wish for. That’s what the Queen discovers when after having 12 sons she wishes for a daughter. For at the very moment her beautiful daughter is born, her sons are transformed into wild ducks.

Having discovered her brothers’ fate, the princess sets out to try to release them from their enchantment. She must weave and sew 12 shirts from nettles. And, as if that isn’t hard enough, for 3 years she must stay silent and neither smile nor weep.

This traditional Norwegian tale is full to the brim with cliff-hanging moments and - in true traditional story-tale spirit - is also a fabulous fable of determination in the face of great adversity.

multi story create their customary magic with a judicious blend of live music, magical word-weaving and the engaging physicality that has become their hallmark.

The production is for children aged 5 - 11 and their families.