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A surreal who-dunnit

“With a razor-sharp script – and excellent use of scene-setting digital imagery – Backward Glance delves deep into the creative process. Go and be thrilled.”
Belinda Dillon, Devon Life

A celebrity death - cause uncertain - is the catalyst for a journey to hell and back.

A writer has died. Her husband provides conflicting versions of the circumstances and can't account for where he disappeared to immediately after her death.

A journalist smells a scandal, an investigator is determined to prove foul play. A mourning mother looks for somewhere to lay the blame. And the husband is on a mission in quite another dimension.

All involved have markedly different visions of past, present and future - different assumptions, different world views - leading to a conflict with deadly consequences.

Using a mix of words, sound and physical imagery to weave its story, Backward Glance premiered at the Brighton Festival Fringe in May 08 and played Barnstaple's fringe08 theatrefest in June.

At Prague Fringe Festival 2009 the production was awarded the coveted Creative Award.

The production has since played studio theatres and has proved particularly successful at Literary Festivals.

"'Listen for the metaphor' became the most lingering quote from the play as it summed it up so brilliantly. A wonderfully enjoyably strong, interesting and lasting piece of theatre."
Stephen Caswell, The Pickled Egg

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