seriously fun
Pericles All At Sea - Bill and Gill with balloons

"The range of theatre skills and styles that it employed made for essential viewing for students currently working on devising projects." Tavistock College

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plays for adults that students respond to

Beast! is particularly popular with Years 10 & 11. It is a published text and has been used for exam purposes by a number of schools.   Medea has proved very popular over the years with Years 11 - 13, including with colleges in Chile, Peru and Norway!   Pericles - All At Sea and Digging the Dirt also work very well for older students. Both have formed the basis of a day long programme of performance and workshops.

"The resulting reviews for the Ed Excel portfolio are an insight into the way young people think, written with considerable fervour and a credit to multi story and their talent to enthrall the teenager. Nothing short of magnificent."  Park School

plays for children that students study as an example of the genre

Some schools regularly use one of our children's shows to introduce Year 7s to a variety of drama techniques that take them away from a reliance on TV naturalism.   Particularly popular in this contaxt are The Firebird and The Adventures of Perseus, - though any of our children's plays will fill the bill.

"The company offers students a vision of how to make exciting devised theatre with minimal set, costume and props, but masses of invention, energy and creative use of dramatic techniques and conventions." Truro College

a comprehensive workshop programme

A range of skills workshops plus bespoke learning events and longer term projects. A recently developed day-long workshop package that schools are finding very useful is a mix of excerpts and practical exercises that examines structuring and devising.

"The workshops were tailor made to fit with our curriculum. Bill and Gill facilitated great outcomes with the children in a short time."