for Key Stage 1 and 2...

The Adventures of Perseus - the beautiful Hesperides Twelve Wild Ducks - the king and queen with the baby princess East o'the Sun West o'the Moon - the troll King and Princess Beauty and the Beast - Beauty holds the fateful rose The Labyrinth - Daedalus tries out the wings The Firebird - the Tsar tells Ivan about the Firebird

what we offer...

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Performances of traditional tales and Greek myths with supporting workshops in schools.  Suitable for both Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2.

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Workshops: creating a play; poetry in performance; and play-in-a-day - custom-built to reinforce a curriculum area of your choosing.  Suitable for both Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2.

who we are...

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multi story have been working in primary schools since 2000.  "They know the day-to-day pressures and plan their work and manner appropriately. We recommend this company unreservedly."
Cheshire LEA

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multi story are particularly valued by schools for the quality of their scripts, the physicality of their performances, their skill and invention and their experience and sensitivity when working with children.

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"Best visiting production we’ve ever seen - it really captured their imaginations."
Witherley Primary School

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"A superb production enjoyed by everyone - children and staff alike.  I have highly recommended you to other schools."
North Petherton Primary School