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greek myths

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Jason imageJason & the Golden Fleece  - the great Greek adventure thrillingly brought to life. Harpies and Clashing Rocks conspire to stop Jason in his tracks. But Medea is on hand to help.

Perseus imageThe Adventures of Perseus  - an ancient myth thrillingly retold. A pair of passionate and slightly eccentric professors play-out Perseus' death-defying mission to win the Gorgon's head.

Labyrinth imageThe Labyrinth  - two Greek myths for the price of one! Deadalus and Ariadne - now very old - re-tell both the story of Theseus & the Minotaur and the flight of Icarus.

traditional tales

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Firebird imageThe Firebird  - a magical telling of the action-packed Russian adventure. Ivan journeys to the Frozen Wastes to rescue the Firebird. Bravura physical action and music.

Beauty & the Beast imageBeauty & the Beast  a new twist to a well-loved story. A bag-lady and a security guard perform a pre-Disney French version of the well-known story. Original live music and puppets.

Little Brother and Little Sister imageLittle Brother and Little Sister  - the deep magic of words combines with the new wizardry of technology. When the children escape to the forest, Little Brother is turned into a deer.

Burd Ellen imageBurd Ellen  - ancient myth and modern neuroscience. An old story retold with an understanding of how our brain processes the choices we make.

12 Wild Ducks imageTwelve Wild Ducks  - a classic tale of endurance sensitively told. A feisty Princess is on a mission to save her twelve brothers who were turned into ducks when she was born.

East o'the Sun West o'the Moon imageEast o'the Sun, West o'the Moon - a young girl sets out on a great adventure. She has to rescue a Prince who has been turned into a bear by the Trolls.