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creating a play

A one or two hour-long workshop that helps pupils find and sustain the drama in a situation; develops their understanding of the physical and visual aspects of theatre-making and leaves them with a model for creating their own scripts.

For older children this will be reinforcing their understanding of dramatic elements, developing character and narrative and using cliff-hangers.

We also provide customised workshops that respond to a particular brief - given time to prepare!

poetry in performance

This hour-long workshop explores a variety of ways of bringing poetry alive in front of an audience and develops an understanding of why certain kinds of poetic writing particularly lend themselves to performance.

We help children to develop their enjoyment of words and their confidence in delivering them as we play with rhyme, rhythm, repetition and sound.

We will work with a poem of your choosing if you wish, or suggest a poem from those we have used in other schools.


A custom built play-making workshop day around a topic/theme of your choice that helps knit together a number of learning objectives in a dynamic and memorable way.

We start with three simple questions:

1. What is it you most want your children to achieve on the day? eg to be confident speaking in front of other classes/parents; to build team-work; or maybe to be enthused by a particular topic.

2. What skills would you like us most to focus on? eg listening skills, participation skills (to elaborate and explain clearly their ideas and understanding).

3. What long term benefits do want? e.g. to have added to their ‘toolbox’ of ways to solve challenges, to be unafraid to develop and use a wider vocabulary.

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