what we do


Our usual work pattern has been disrupted. But we're very busy. A lot less work in schools and no trips abroad over the last couple of years. However, a renewed focus on activity in North Devon.

With support from Arts Council England, we have been developing a community play for Barnstaple, celebrating the town's historic resourcefulness in the face of adversity.

We have been exploring how we can best support early-career theatre-makers in North Devon. In association with Beaford, we ran a concept development weekend in mid-July for three local companies under the title Theatre Workhouse - details here. We then developed weekly sessions housed at the Queen's Theatre thanks to Selladoor. In December '21, Theatre Workhouse were invited by Beaford to participate in a Climate Change Theatre Action event at Barnstaple Bridge Chambers. We are exploring further creative opportunities with Beaford and with Selladoor.

We are taking Hefted out to Rural Touring Schemes across the UK - supported by Arts Council England. In Autumn 2021 we were in Cumbria, County Durham, Lincolnshire, Leicestershire, Derbyshire and Worcestershire. In Spring 2022 we're in Dorset, Somerset and a final North Devon performance.

Beaford commissioned us to take a special covid-safe Christmas entertainment to villages in North Devon in December 2020. We extensively reworked our production of Beauty & the Beast with collaborators Natalia Riga and Peter Buffery. Thanks to them, the production has a whole new look and an immersive soundscape. video We took the show a little further afield for Christmas 2021 and revisited some of the 2020 villages with a reworked East o'the Sun West o'the Moon.

"multi story illuminate their chronicles with intelligence and theatricality.  Their approach is spare - there are no wasted movements or empty ideas. And they are marvellous actors."   CBC

"Stripped right back, the strength comes from the union of intelligent writing and the word-perfect power of the performances."

Belinda Dillon, Exeunt

plays for adult audiences  that respond to the world we live in.

All our productions are around the hour mark and are suitable for studio theatres, arts centres and community halls. We carry sufficient equipment to be able to perform just about anywhere! There are further technical details on each show page.

plays for young audiences  based on myths, legends and traditional tales that speak across the ages.

Tales of adventure from Russia, Scandanavia, Ancient Greece and beyond.

a comprehensive workshop programme  that includes a range of theatre-skills workshops, play-in-a-day events, week-long youth theatre residencies and major community play projects.

"multi story have worked in primaries since 2000. They know the day-to-day pressures and plan their work appropriately. We recommend this company unreservedly."

Cheshire LEA
Traditional tales

The Firebird is a great introduction to multi story's bravura style, full of adventure with a large cast of colourful characters played by just two actors with the whisk of a cloak or the donning of a hat. It also features music and song.

In general we hope to introduce traditonal stories that are not so well known - like Twelve Wild Ducks or East o'the Sun, West o'the Moon - but we do have our version of Beauty & the Beast which children might like to compare and contrast with the familiar Disney treatment.

"Best visiting production we've ever seen - it really captured their imaginations."

Witherley Primary School
Greek and Norse myths

The inter-active nature of Jason & the Golden Fleece has proved very popular and hugely enjoyable. The Labyrinth combines Theseus & the Minotaur with the story of Icarus - Icarus's father designed both the Labyrinth and Icarus's wings! The Adventures of Perseus thrillingly recreates the showdown with Medusa. And we have just started touring a truly delightful verion of Pandora which features some rather special original music.

We have made our first foray into the world of Norse Myth with Viking Tales - a hugely enjoyable introduction to the Norse gods and goddesses and their adventures.

"A superb production enjoyed by everyone - children and staff alike.  I have highly recommended you to other schools."

North Petherton Primary School

a comprehensive workshop programme plus bespoke learning events and longer-term projects.

"I was amazed at how well it succeeded.  Gill's encouragement and leadership were hugely important in giving us confidence but I also thought that Bill was vital in providing a male role model - so many boys think that "drama's for girls".

Foxton Primary School

"The range of theatre skills and styles that [Beast!] employs makes for essential viewing for students currently working on devising projects."

Tavistock College
plays for adults that students particularly respond to

Beast! goes down well with Years 10 & 11. It is a published text and has been used for exam purposes by a number of schools.

Medea has proved very popular over the years with Years 11 - 13, including with colleges in Chile, Peru, Norway, Portugal and The Ukraine!

Pericles - All At Sea and Digging the Dirt also work very well for older students. Both have formed the basis of a day long programme of performance and workshops.

"The resulting reviews for the Ed Excel portfolio are an insight into the way young people think, written with considerable fervour and a credit to multi story and their talent to enthrall the teenager. Nothing short of magnificent."

Park School
plays for children that students study as an example of the genre

Some schools regularly use one of our children's shows to introduce Year 7s to a variety of drama techniques that take them away from a reliance on TV naturalism. Particularly popular in this context are The Firebird and The Adventures of Perseus, - though any of our children's plays will fill the bill.

"The company offers students a vision of how to make exciting devised theatre with minimal set, costume and props, but masses of invention, energy and creative use of dramatic techniques and conventions."

Truro College
a comprehensive workshop programme

A range of skills workshops plus bespoke learning events and longer term projects. A recently developed day-long workshop package that schools are finding very useful is a mix of excerpts and practical exercises that examines structuring and devising.

"The workshops were tailor made to fit with our curriculum. Bill and Gill facilitated great outcomes with the children in a short time."